Nool The Stalker

Huff and puff..
I was going through the emails from Nool and they became so tiresome..and boring that I gave up.
Just a small taste of this sanctimonious dribble is too much..
Yawn...anyway..lets cut to the chase..
we waited to confront the eyeshine we were looking at because Dean said 'wait' for him. He was still in convo with Joe about stuff that happened and behind us.Mikka and I saw it...amazingly enough it looked like my avatar the time they came to us it was gone.i did not observe the eyeshine down the creek but did hear the cracks of sticks popping between Dean, Mikka and myself om the other side of the lava flow of another presence in the lava flow.I did not have the balls to go down there by myself to confront it. I was alone.
And the above comment ladies and gentlemen is the smoking gun..
You also told Joe on the phone it was the most "
amazing experience of my life".
We assume you have retracted that now under pressure from your dopey brother..because you are so interested in "truth" you would rather lie to yourself and others..
Or...and this gets have not lied to yourself and still stick to those statements...
Which means you actually think ..... Dean faked an experience right near a REAL YOWIE.
Take your pick Mr Honesty..
I am still waiting for detailed accounts/ diagrams of what happened. Saying it was so quick that you didn't know what happened is a cop out.
It was pitch black..and Deans hears fast footsteps move towards him... and then he was pushed/forced backwards..all over in he has repeatedly said.
Thats it in a nutshell...!!!
You wanted the raw truth..Dean states it succinctly..and you wanted more information.
Where is that information going to come from if it was not sensory you moron.?
If Dean said "I saw a yowie by torchlight" you would have said he lied..
Marius...I would like to confirm here that there are no sounds of a Yowie attacking on the recording. The occaisional brush pop of footsteps is heard in various parts but that cannot be verified as a Yowie at all though those in the area and myself would describe them as bipedal footsteps at the time. The bionic ear was pointed in one direction only and not moved to the direction of the steps. The purpose of the recording is to keep the 'story' posted honest. When I am in a useful condition I will supply that to the forum for scrutiny.Do not in any way assume from your comfortable position that we did not hear bipedal foot steps at all. To do that would be classed by those with experience as confrontational.You were not there. If you'd like to experience something, get to it.
source you did hear Bipedal well as seeing the eyes...
Or..have you retracted that one as well.?
For the "pursuit of truth" of course.
Now watch closely..
So..if the "bionic ear" was not pointed at the steps you could hear normally, then there was no recording.
And we are supposed to believe you knew exactly where Dean was in the dark and had the ear pointed at him....which is bullshit..yet you have stated because you have no recording of the yowies movements towards Dean, ergo..there ws no movement.
Right out of the Nightwalker "logic" basket that one.
And look what was flushed from the sewer and tried to respond..

Greetings…from planet earth… :)

Nool"Thanks for the new site."

Our pleasure..glad you like it..the tracking cookies are telling us that a lot of people are hitting it..
How it must piss you off to have the whole little gang own words and actions..
I would be angry If i was caught out by my own words and actions..
But fuck cowards can dish it out for 18 months..
Now imagine..if we had used your full real names..and did the same..with cut and pasted emails..and posted the blog content we used on hundreds of forum posts..exactly like you Guys did you snivelling little cowardly hypocrite..
One 4 page blog of your own groups words and deeds and you fall to pieces.. I surprised..

Nool>Just wait until we have time to waste on you morons."

"we" have watched you and the little(an I do mean little in every sense of the word), gang waste hundreds and hundreds of hours making hundreds of posts worldwide..and know your latest little porky is..drum need more more time in future..
Any that is not obsession.?
Fuck me..get a life..

Nool>In making what you did you are obviously obsessive individuals with no life outside of the lies you tell...I'm a stalker now? where is the evidence of that? dim >whited fools. "

Oh dear…the emails/forum posts/threats/phone calls..remember the phone calls from you 2 "botherers" DH..
Or does medication or madness block that out as well.
Cope out time…I am glad that a stalker doesn't accept "it" is a stalker..
How about dim obsessive nut case..
Would you prefer that handle..we will stick to obsessive..there..feel better now.?

Nool>I don't have time for you mental cases at the moment but when I do, you will be put in your place."

Yup..18 months of "just wait".
But..we are in our place all ready..we and follow..oh the shame.

Nool>I honestly can't believe you spent time making that site.

I honestly can`t believe you spent time making so many posts on all those hundreds of boards attacking us. :)
I must took a few hours of trawling through your gangs insane ramblings and emails.
But hey..The fun bit was..using your own words..your not the first angry dopey drunks to have come undone using your own words so don't take it so badly.. :)
Cheer up.. !! LOL

Nool>How abnormal is that? How many sandwiches short of a picnic do you have to be to spend that effort on propaganda without evidence to back it up?

The evidence is…my stupid..stupid friend… your own words and deeds..
IF you lie so often,(to yourself an others)then I can see why you would be pissed off to see your own lies and contradictions on a public forum.
A "man" that spends all his spare time attacking us..asks us a question about us being abnormal.??
Now that is funny..can you spell ironic..and no..its not a metal.
Yep..we are missing using your EXACT words and deeds to hang you..
How dumb are we.. LOL. dumb are you to post that stuff for us to use back on you..and we didn't even post your emails..that would have been more fun.

Nool>I really don't have the time to waste on you idiots at the moment.

Off to the therapist then home via the bottle shop..?

Nool>When the time comes I will complete the DH Yowie Hoax evidence.

18 months of lies and attacks and nothing
Gee..I am a betting man..I say…you had nothing from the start..and your something is "this is my latest account"
Even Compton on your own little forum called you out on that..LOL

Nool>Just remember I have held my cards to my chest as Joe >had suggested.

2011 will come and you will still be busy with your cards to your chest..then 2012..then 2013..

Nool>It certainly shows that our mental health system is failing with you idiots being in public and writing rubbish like that.

Yep..cut and pasting mendacious(that means dishonest) posts from your group ..and para-phrasing your groups comments(that means using your ideas) on to a page means we are mad.
Keep drinking..

Nool>Just for interest sake...look up the word truth. It never changes. Funny how you knobs can't even get one thing >right and back it up with evidence.

Oh please..the fact that you can look up a dictionary means you actually know and follow what a word means.???
You changed the whole tune of your "sighting" of the eyes and the dread and the footsteps as soon as your bonkers mad brother placed an atom of pressure on you..couldn't have the "bro" let down could we..
You dishonest little grub..
So you didn't see any eye shine ..heard any bipedal footsteps or get the dread…??????
So they were just more lies..typical..

"I did not have the balls to go down there by myself to confront it. I was alone."
Thats the beauty of don't have any did hear and see and sense stuff..and now you are so far down the path of "DH is a liar " that you cannot see or think straight..thats why we caught you and your brother out so easily USING YOUR OWN WORDS.
What part of that do you not understand.?
"truth"??we used your own gangs words in the blog..and your telling us now its all lies..and then you have the hide to start lecturing us about "truth".
Dear god tiger…you aint right in the head are you..
The "evidence" of what.
The DH encounter..there was none. mean the blog we made.
The "evidence" my intellectually challenged dopey friend..was your gangs own words..if they were all lies..then thats your problem..
And judging by the traffic..that little blog is is your problem now.. :)

Nool >Good luck with those lies that give you so much pleasure.

They are your own words/actions..if they are lies..then speak to which ever being controls you when you do "bad things".

Nool>In time will be finished.

I am finished with you..
The end of our "communications" for ever.
tick tock..what could that mean..??